Happy Birthday to us!

In honor of our 48th anniversary we updated our membership requirements

That's what you call having your cake & eating it too ;) 


Come hang out with us ~ Say "Hi" at a show ~ Be our guest at a business meeting ~ Let us know your interested ~ Plus all the fine print below .. can I borrow your glasses?

Article III: Membership 

Section 1 ~ Any person of good character, sixteen years of age or older, interested in street rodding activities is eligible for membership. The person must own a 1972 or earlier domestic* automobile. 

Section 2 ~ Initial membership includes a probationary period of six official RCSR gatherings* prior to being voted into the club. The probation shall include a minimum* of two regular membership meetings, two club events, and their vehicle inspection* which can be completed at a regular or special membership meeting. A vote will be taken by secret ballot at the probationary members sixth meeting. 

Section 3 ~ *Conduct of membership, any member not acting in a responsible manner befitting a RCSR Member, will be subject to discipline by the Board of Directors, which could include immediate expulsion from the club, subject to the club’s final approval. A vote of three (3) members of the Board will constitute a majority-of-the-Board.

Section 4 ~ Returning members *bypass the probationary period allowing them to be voted in at first meeting following vehicle inspection. 

Section 5 ~ All members, and their beneficiaries, hereby personally guarantee* to protect RCSR branded items by means of restricting use & visual public access once no longer affiliated with club or electing to remove their club plaque from car and return with club jacket patch to the treasurer for reimbursement.